“Flying is not only about taking off, but mainly and above all, about arriving… safe and healthy”

design and science lab, based in Stuttgart – Germany was launched as a research and development center with the aim to provide solutions for the optimization of processes and applications, mainly in the aviation and mobility industries.

Our newest concepts, ensuring mutual protection, enables everyone to fly, even passengers from the high risk groups or already infected,.

“Nobody infects or gets infected by anyone”.

Our concepts give the aviation industry the tools to stop immediately the money – burning and to build a bulletproof plan B for the future, because unfortunately “after the pandemic is before the (next) pandemic”.

Flight providers can plan and operate flights and passengers can be assured that their booking guarantees their departure without ifs, ands, or buts.

Our disruptive innovation, a fusion of artificial intelligence, robotics and health technology, combines a next generation autonomous guided aircraft seating system with intelligent boarding and pre-boarding solution. Protection is guaranteed by the System, working on a multi-chambers principle with sophisticated ventilation, air pressure and disinfection technology.

A plane trip takes place in an environment, where many people spend a long time in tight, closed spaces without an unscheduled or immediate exit option. In addition, there are the various bottlenecks in security control, boarding etc.

Aerogenic spread of viruses is extremely difficult to calculate, control and localize, even in closed laboratory conditions, not to mention in real life conditions.

A hopefully soon available vaccine against corona virus, that triggered the covid-19 pandemic, will most likely not be applicable to a possible mutated or other type of virus. Airline companies and other transport companies should prepare themselves in time and sustainably for a potential new pandemic.

The current hygiene plans of the airline companies are not convincing and still pose many risks. Confidence is lacking. The passenger enters an environment, that he does not control and is very much based on how the other participants behave.

“Flying is not only about taking off, but mainly and above all, about arriving… safe and healthy”.

We are addressing the industry, and at the same time appealing to the responsible government agencies, to support and implement our concepts.

“We leave aerobatics to the others, we focus on bringing routine into the aviation”.